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Fonctionnement de l’Observatoire | Observatoire des bonnes pratiques

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Fonctionnement de l’Observatoire

The activities of the Observatory are coordinated centrally by an officer, recruited for the project. He is helped in the achievement of his duties by focal points appointed in the different FATO member countries.
The task of the officer in charge of the Observatory is to:

  • Guide and impulse the work of the focal points
  • Show ways of gathering best practices
  • Design and send surveys forms
  • Gather the collected best practices, and upload them on the website of the Observatory
  • Organize a discussion forum of training and information
  • The task of the focal points is :
    • Be in constant contact with the world of rehabilitation in your country
    • Identify what is implemented at national level in the field of rehabilitation (conventions, actions for

PwD, national initiatives leading to changes in the lives of PwD, actions in favor of the improvement of access to rehabilitation services, etc.), actions done by disability organizations themselves and which can serve as good image and example for other organizations in member countries of FATO

  • Make circulate the good practices identified in other countries
  • Inquire about the implementation and progress of various aspects of national rehabilitation plans.

Coordinator and focal points will meet periodically through Internet and face to face whenever the occasion permits (International Seminars / Workshops / Congress).