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Objective of the Observatory | Observatoire des bonnes pratiques

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Objective of the Observatory

  1. Gather the best practices, activities regarding the improvement of living conditions and social participation of People with Disabilities (PwD), especially the activities implemented by the actors of Disability in Africa. These best and relevant practices in physical rehabilitation and CBR (involving PwD and the community, with positive effects which promote the socio-economical insertion of PwD) will be shared and made available online for all the actors in development and rehabilitation in the whole Africa. These actors are rehabilitation professionals, organizations of/for PwD, national and international Organizations. All these will be put and shared online through the website of FATO during FATO Congresses and also according to the opportunities (during meetings related to health or social sector). FATO already has some experience in the field: The CBR, HANDICAP AND REHABILITATION document of the CBR African Network is available on the website of FATO since 2004 first semester.
  2. Be a platform of training, information on Disability and Rehabilitation in Africa
  3. Collect and share on line testimonies of PwD and relatives, which constitute genuine signs of hope and which will help learn precious lessons of positive/negative experiences regarding respect and promotion of the dignity of PwD.
  4. Continue and update the surveys already conducted by FATO, Handicap International and ICRC especially those of 2010 and 2011.

« With this Observatory, FATO and its members give themselves and give to PwD (who are still sceptical and/or cynical) a key to open or to broaden the gates of a world where Disabled and non-Disabled will develop together properly »  Raoul Bagopha (MISEREOR)